Customer testimonials

Season 2020

Piedmont Enduro 09/2020

We have had four fantastic days. In a nice little owner-managed hotel. Together with Stefan Hassler, our guide, we were able to experience incredibly beautiful Enduro tours. This both from the driving demand, as well as from the beautiful scenic impressions in the high alpine Piedmont. The whole thing still crowned with Italian, culinary delicacies and during the tours in high alpine hut atmosphere.
Many thanks Stefan and also to the whole troop! Everything super companionable, the ingredients for a repeat!

Piedmont 09/2020

Great tour with Stefan, our tour guide.
Great choice of routes. Great landscape.
Nobody was overtaxed. Who wanted, could also let it crack.
Great, familiar hotel.
Gladly again.

Piedmont 07/2020

It has now been almost 10 days since I returned from Piedmont. I just can't get the pictures of the route and the breathtaking landscape out of my head. Also for me it was the first organized tour of this kind. To say it in advance, it was perfectly organized. You can also tell that our guide Stefan is passionate about what he does. The route selection was really good. Originally I had planned to drive the tour with a 650 travel enduro (iron pile ;-) ), but then I did not. Quickly an old 600 XT was bought. It was the right decision. Never would I have had the driving fun as I finally had it. I had a permanent grin on my face for 4 days. Stefan also did a great job with the breaks and the length of the daily routes.

In the family hotel I felt really comfortable. Here the mom cooks herself and excellent. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The senior still drives with 81 years with his old Transalp, respect.

For me it is also clear that this was not my last trip of this kind. The tour can only be recommended. At this point also from me a mega thank you to Stefan for the permanent grin, which he has conjured up in my face during this tour.

Piedmont 07/2020

I am now back to normality for a few days. But I already miss the trip to Piedmont. It was the first trip for me in this way but certainly not the last.

Arrived on Sunday, I did not know what to expect. The group of 9 riders plus our guide Stefan was very diverse. The hotel is very conveniently located as a starting point for this trip.
The individual days were very well chosen by the travel route, even if I pushed every day to my physical limits, which was certainly not due to the route, but rather to my condition ;).

Stefan was just perfect as a guide. An open and very sympathetic person who seems to always be in a good mood. Thank you Stefan for the great atmosphere you gave this tour.
The hotel and the food were just perfect. The hoteliers were super hospitable and lovely. In the end, I have nothing more to say than that I more than enjoyed the tour. It will not have been the last trip of this kind for me.
A special thanks to Stefan, who made this experience possible.

Piedmont 07/2020

Since 2 days the everyday life has me back, nevertheless I am in thoughts still often in the Piemont, Col du Sommeiller, Lac du Mont-Cenis, the Assietta ridge road, on the Monte Jafferau ...

After 4 days there were 620 km on the speedometer, about 10 visits to small cafes, several hundred photos and the certainty to have done everything right when booking the tour.

Of course we were very lucky with the weather. When it started to drizzle we just drove in the opposite direction, out of the weather. Good if you have a clever guide who correctly assesses the situation and immediately knows an alternative route on which you do not get wet.

Also otherwise Stefan has the pace nicely dosed, after the extensive lunch it also makes sense not to go quite so fast.

By the way, who comes home with only one kilo more on the ribs has certainly not always managed to eat up all the delicious food that the boss of the house has put on the table in the evening.


Big Enduro Bavaria Tour 06/2020

I also participated with my BMW 1250 GS; driving license 10/2018, in the Big Enduro Tour Bavaria from 18 - 19.06.2020. I can only agree with the previous speaker (Günther) in all respects. I was one of those with the wrong tires (worn TKC 70). But just that is the "freestyle" .... with fat studded tires only the "duty".  An overturn in the meadow with over 150km offroad is not so bad. By the way, this was a top training for more driving safety on the road.

Hermann gave us valuable tips along the way, which I, as a novice driver, gratefully accepted. I also liked Hermann's unobtrusive, calm manner ... and there were always interesting tour stories to tell, from him but also from the participants (a colorful bunch & a lady who all felt connected by biking).

Another note about the tour course: scenically a treat. Good that we were not too fast on the road ;-) Since one could also let the view wander.  

Thanks Hermann, also for the great photo DVD!

Keep it up!


Big Enduro Bavaria + Newcomer Donautal 06/2020

I participated with my BMW R 1100 GS in the Big Enduro Bavaria Tour v. 18. - 19.06.2020. Tour guide: Hermann Knoblich personally with his R 100 GS.
Route selection, hotel and tour guiding were ingenious / ideal.  Problem were only the participants with Dickschiffen, which had not read the announcement properly
had. None had proper studded tires, but the standard tires of the manufacturers (KTM. BMW, etc.).  These all-round tires are safe for the small
detours over gravel roads ok.  - But not on this tour.  Wet grass, muddy forest driveways and wet clay accumulations that the previous
rain had washed together, were often barely feasible....  My BMW with TKC 80 tires, tire holders and 1.1 bar air pressure did well. But
exciting ways I could drive up and spent then some time with waiting, and/or sweaty pushing assistance with the colleagues...

Quite different, however, the tour 'Donautal Newcomer' v. 20.06. - 21.06.2020. Tour guide also Hermann Knoblich.  All participants had light or
Sportenduros with sufficient studded tires. It went briskly to the thing and made unbelievable fun. Hermann was rather the 'brakeman'.
Compared to the previous tour, he didn't skip any challenging part...!   All in all super, super!
The lunch break was mostly at a good inn with outdoor catering.

Next year I will certainly do the 2nd tour again!


Oman 02/2020

Am happily back after the Oman tour 2020/02. A wonderful country and offers probably the most beautiful desert moments in the world! Organization with 3 escort vehicles, tent, fresh cuisine in the evening camp as well as the gasoline supply in the deserts were perfect!

Season 2018

Danube-Altmühltal 08/2018

Our friendly guide Stefan has guided our motley group sovereign on varied routes through the beautiful Altmühltal. Despite suboptimal weather at times, everyone got their money's worth and we really had a lot of fun.
At the Gasthof zur Pfalz we had nice big rooms and an excellent dinner.

All around a recommendable tour.


Danube-Altmühltal 08/2018

Nothing to add to the praise of the Swiss!

Even if I am to be assigned to the Sportenduro league with my "brand new" Huski FE 350 these days were very nice and as the "Swiss" has also noted surprised I was also taken by the beautiful opportunities in the "north of Upper Bavaria" for hours off tar to drive - beautiful !

Stefan was, is a very pleasant guide with whom we, I hope will spend many more beautiful days, weeks !


Danube-Altmühltal 08/2018

Absolutely fantastic tours with varied undergrounds. Gravel and sand pits, quarries, gravel roads, field and forest paths.
The routes were each individually adapted by the guide Stefan Hassler to the weather conditions and the ability of each participant.
Although I was the only participant with a 2-cylinder thick ship, I was able to keep up well with the majority of the group with Sportenduros.
Absolutely great participants, we have experienced many funny moments.
The inn and Pfalz in Burgheim was also good. The rooms are clean and the host let us use his carport for the motorcycles. The food overall and especially the BBQ of the host were great!

The tour as a whole is absolutely recommendable. Unbelievable that you can still drive such routes in Germany!
The local and route knowledge of Stefan Hassler is very good. He also knows a lot about the numerous sights. Also the entire organization of the trip and the support on site were top!

I will definitely come again and my big goal is to ride the Piedmont tour one day, of course under the guidance of Stefan Hassler.

Greetings from Switzerland!


Piedmont 07/2018

Thanks to Stefan for the Piedmont tour. Was absolutely top - food, hotel, tour guide and landscape.
Everyone was challenged but not overwhelmed!!!
In short, the best Enduro tour I have participated in Hermannreisen!
Attention this tour makes SÜCHTIG
Mid de besd`n Grias


Piedmont 07/2018

Everything has fit super!
Tour leader extremely friendly and balanced, knew what he wanted, with a pleasant flexibility; Humorous, well mixed age group; Tour varied through beautiful mountain landscapes and excellent kitchens of Rifugis...and snowfields! One snowfield we have overcome together, two others prevented each the ultimate summit attempt! Cozy hotel with very sympathetic host couple and excellent food...and last but not least: good weather and accident-free!


Piedmont 07/2018

Was from 1.7. - 7.7. 2018 with Stefan in Piedmont.
Am thrilled with the tour and the tour guide. Catering in the hotel and unterwes were very good.
The participants (8) have harmonized well and everyone could drive as it was good for him.
Hope this tour there is next year again.
Greetings K.


Piedmont 07/2018

Have long thought before whether the tour is probably the right choice with my two-cylinder thick ship or is feasible at all. Then on the day of arrival in Bardonecchia I thought I was in the wrong movie! Seven Sportenduro riders and I as the eighth rider with my travel enduro! And now? Best to pack up right away and hurry home? No! Eyes closed and through ...

Our guide (Stefan) has selected cool routes, there was really everything. Stefan probably knows the area better than some locals. At very difficult sections, he always had alternative routes ready or it has then simply all helped together and somehow it was then always further. It was really four great and well-organized days with varied and challenging tours, with very good food, a nice accommodation and a great group.

So I was in the right movie after all! And if it works out in terms of time, I'll be back next year!


Piedmont 07/2018

Piedmont in July - was just beautiful!
An experience! Never before such a perfectly prepared and executed tour with such a great "arc of suspense", setige increase of the wonderful, great!
Stefan has obviously invested a lot of time and "lifeblood" and is very well connected there, is always warmly welcomed which was very pleasant also for us guests. The hotel was wonderfully chosen, "smelled" in every corner of Enduro.
The dinner of the boss is delicious, the (always reserved) lunches not only in beautiful places but also culinary great.

Danube Valley 06/2018

We have participated for the first time in a guided tour and had a lot of fun with our great guide Stefan. The group of participants was very sympathetic and had also harmonized well in terms of driving. The hotel including breakfast buffet were top.
The tour was very beautiful in terms of scenery and routing - to our taste on Saturday with rather too much asphalt.
We thank again Stefan H., the entire team and look forward to our next tour with you!

Danube-Altmühltal (Motorhome/Hotel) 05/2018

I participated in the (Father's Day) RV Eduro tour through the Altmühltal from 10 to 13.05.2018. Hermann was a super tour guide who knows all the ways and also many stories. It was four great days with a super troop. And also the concept of the WoMo Enduro has inspired me. So I will surely come again.


Newcomer Donautal 04/2018

Hello Hermann and Stefan,

many thanks for the great tour, Newcomer Donautal on 12. and 13.4.18, to you. For me as a driver with little enduro experience, it was exactly the right route composition, we were a great little group that harmonized very well. I found it very positive that you Hermann, although you did not live in the hotel, were present at the joint dinner. Also your explanations in the small breaks on the way about the region and/or to the objects of interest I found very interesting and entertaining. You took great pictures and videos of us on the two days of the trip, which are a nice memory! Thanks also to your staff and employees, who answered one or the other question in advance very friendly and competent. This was my first tour with you, but definitely not my last.

Snowmobil 01/2018

Was a super tour! Many thanks to Hermann and the entire team, on-site in Sappada and in the office. Everything was excellently organized, rustic authentic hotel, extremely impressive snowmobile tour through the winter landscape in the Dolomites with pleasant guides as well as the boss himself and last but not least, the absolutely successful culinary conclusion in the moonlight hut at Paolo with 5-course menu highlight. We will be back!

Season 2017

Dominican Republic 12/2017

Hello Mrs. Vogel,

now we are back from our offroad trip from the DomRep and are very enthusiastic. All five days of driving were challenging but not overwhelming for our abilities. The transports from and to the airport have worked as agreed and the Joachim has always taken care of us even in the evenings and showed us "his" city. If it wasn't for the miserably long travel time, DomRep would become our new favorite off-road travel destination :-) Thank you again for your efforts regarding our booking.


Upper Austria 09/2017

Dear Hermann team, I participated in the Upper Austria tour from September 10 to 16. First of all, I would like to thank you for the fact that the tour took place even with only two participants. Who was not there, has missed something. First, I liked the accommodations without changing hotels. The day tours led on winding and little used roads through fantastic landscapes. The crowning glory was the choice of "pit stops" and the extremely courteous care provided by Peter Mitteregger. The whole thing cries out for a repeat.


Friuli 09/2017

Hello Hermann, I would like to thank you very much for the DVD with the great pictures / photo show of our Enduro week in Friuli in September 2017. I immediately got the desire to ride again. It was my first real enduro trip and I was a bit nervous in advance because I did not know exactly whether I will have the necessary "skill". It was a lot of fun and I think I got a bit addicted. Thank you again for your pleasant manner and patience.


Freeride Enduro 07/2017

Thank you very much for the great experience! The Enduro Light Tour in Carinthia was my first tour and this could convince with a top prepared tour guide and a neat accommodation. In addition, the loving professionalism was crowned with fantastic food, which made every evening a highlight. The fantastic weather, varied routes and the harmonious group will be remembered. Here's to a new one!


Altmühltal 07/2017

Dear Hermann, we have experienced four days of Altmühltal tour and are thrilled throughout. The route selection, the accommodation, the beautiful varied landscape contributed to a great Enduro experience. The tour guide Mike looked after us perfectly and we want to book a tour with him again. We are six Enduro friends and are very much looking forward to the next tour in the Altmühltal. Thanks again to Mike. Have you done great!


Altmühltal 07/2017

Hello, thank you very much for the beautiful pictures! It was wonderful, yes the rain would not have been needed. I have attached the rating sheet so you can do even better than you already are. I am already looking forward to Istria at the end of September.


Newcomer Altmühltal 06/2017

Dear team, Thank you for the nice tour. I haven't ridden Enduro for years and it was a lot of fun. So I'm looking forward to the voucher, because I will certainly ride again. Sincerely


Friuli Enduro 06/2017

A big compliment for the great Friuli Enduro tour. Great guides, very good but also challenging routes, a beautiful area, nice people.... - a very recommendable total package! Keep it up!


Cevennes 06/2017

Hello Rainer,

hope you made it well to Nuremberg. Thank you very much for the beautiful tour in the Cevennes. Everything was perfect for me, weather, hotel, delicious food, day tours, breaks, participants ......, memories which I will not forget - THANKS TO YOUR EXPERIENCE AND PROFESSIONALITY AS TOUR GUIDE !


Tunisia 03/2017

Dear Hermann,

first of all thank you very much for your DVD of the tour. As always, you have once again succeeded not only to show pictures, but also to capture the soul of this adventure. Thus, looking at the pictures has led me first of all again to increased pulse rate. But this is certainly also due to the special nature of this trip. After my two attempts with a missing stage, I wanted to know it again. Decisive for me to decide for this third attempt were the experiences from the previous tours. I knew that everything was organized in the best possible way. And this is especially true for the company of the experienced Habib with his three pickups. A "handpicked" troop, competent, helpful and always in a good mood. His chef should be nominated for a star. Now I am incredibly happy that I made it completely this time. So this tour also leads my personal best list at the moment. And that with over twenty years of enduro. Especially driving in the dunes, with the particularly soft sand, is simply indescribable. That's why you just have to do it yourself. Maybe the feeling is comparable to being a skier coming from the ski slope at home, being lifted by helicopter into the snow in Canada. Once again. I'm glad that I managed the whole round after all and thanks to you as the organizer, but also to all the others. We were already a "great troop".

Season 2015

Friuli 06/2015

Continue as before. It was a great tour with pleasant physical challenge. The whole in a beautiful environment and a super hotel where one culinary experience chased the next. And a super Hermann. What should be improved there.


Czech Republic 05/2015

The DVD was a nice extra, I liked it and that's what to show around friends and acquaintances.

Season 2019

Piedmont Enduro 09/2019

Stefan is a TOP GUIDE. Always friendly, in a good mood and helpful. Always up for a good time. Sure, he also did not have to swallow dust :-)
His hut selection for lunch break sensational with excellent food. Still have a few kilos of it left now.

With Stefan I would love to go on another tour at any time!
Keep up the good work Stefan!

Istria 09/2019

Istria tour from 22.09 to 28.09.19, our guide was Hermann Knoblich, the group was well set up and quite brisk. The group very quickly became a team.
Hermann always has his "who wants can" passages. Participants who do not want to drive these either have a break or drive another way. So everyone got his money's worth. The selected restaurants were very good, here really no one starves. In short, I found the days very nice, gladly again.


Romania 07/2019

Romania trip from 04-13.07.2019 survived. Unfortunately gained 4 kg. Accommodations and food at its best. Super routes - Enduro moderately driven through herliche landscapes. Now begins the search for next year. Thanks to our mechanic Sten all arrived well at the destination and also with Tamer I would always ride again.


Piedmont Enduro 09/2019

Just back from Piedmont and already in the mood for the next trip!

Super routes, pleasant hotel with good local cuisine. Extra class : the tiramisu and the knuckle !!!! :-)

Stefan Hassler has done a great job as a tour guide. That has to be mentioned extra. Have already made several guided tours with other providers and can therefore judge! The tours are not too short and not too long, in between always time to enjoy: Food at various mountain huts, but also to enjoy the area and take photos.

Also with this Stefan has provided us ! Next tour gladly again with him!


Piedmont Enduro 07/2019

Stefan Hassler has led us this time through the impressive mountain world of Piedmont. The tour was very well worked out. So we could visit old fortresses, enjoy fantastic views, spend the lunch breaks in typical mountain huts and then again cover many kilometers on gravel roads.

The hotel was cozy, the cuisine very good and the mopeds in the garage well tidy.

A successful tour that we will be happy to join again.


Piedmont Enduro 07/2019

I was also with Stefan in Piedmont. We had great and varied trips in the mountain landscape around Bardonecchia.
Stefan has adapted at any time to the driving skills of the group, so everyone got their money's worth and we had a lot of fun.
Also culinary we could rely on our guide. He took us to great places every day. Super food and super ambience.
I am already looking forward to the next tour and hope for Stefan as a guide.


Piedmont Enduro 07/2019

Piedmont has exceeded my expectations!
The tour was super, varied and scenic very already.
Especially the tour guide Stefan is responsive to the individual and has designed the tour so that everyone had his driving fun.
Also the daily sitting together in the courtyard after the ride with a Feierabendbierchen has pleased me, only the beer price from the self-service refrigerator with 5, -Euro I found overpriced. The hotel was familiar and the food was very good.
I will definitely go on this tour again!

Greetings from Mömlingen,



Piedmont Enduro 07/2019

Piedmont has exceeded my expectations!
The tour was super, varied and scenic very already.
Especially the tour guide Stefan is responsive to the individual and has designed the tour so that everyone had his driving fun.
Also the daily sitting together in the courtyard after the ride with a Feierabendbierchen has pleased me, only the beer price from the self-service refrigerator with 5, -Euro I found overpriced. The hotel was familiar and the food was very good.
This tour I will certainly go again!

Piedmont Enduro 07/2019

Piedmont, just beautiful! And these military trails!
Closed to everyone, - but not for us - thank Stefan - "Special permits!" , past all the warning signs! And then quite lonely, at the top - just great! Curious, the guide - on new ! Looking forward to the continuation !
A fan


Lombardy 07/2019

Very nice tour with the base hotel in Prestine, from which we star 'experienced' this part of Lombardy. Top planned, professionally-operatively reacted to imponderables and has proven itself all around as 'Kümmerer' our tour guide Kai. We felt comfortable, had constantly what to laugh, a really successful week.

Thank you very much, Kai!


Lombardy 07/2019

The Lombardy tour 2019 with our tour guide Kai Spieske was excellent. Here I would like to especially praise our tour guide Kai. In case of problems, he promptly sought a solution, also Kai has professionally taken into account the needs of the group and showed us many beautiful paths off the "beaten" path. Also historical or country-specific topics were brought closer to us in an entertaining way. I will be looking for tours with Kai to enjoy again an all around satisfying trip.


Lombardy 07/2019

As a repeat offender on the Lombardy tour (2016) and over 3,100 km including arrival and return, the tour was again a highlight. Excellent organization and tour guidance by Kai Spieske despite minor problems with the starting quarters and by local passport closures the improvisation required. I can only recommend this tour to everyone. I am already looking forward to the Friuli tour with Kai.


High Tarta 07/2019

Have decided after long research for the tour offered `High Tatras` by Hermanns Motorradreisen.
Except that we had partly well over 30 degrees and thus oiled from the inside :-), an all-round successful tour.
We were a great group that had a lot of fun.
A very special thanks to our tour guide Kai (Spieske) who has made this tour a special experience. Not only that he guided us excellently and took care of everything, no also the historical background was explained in short words at our stops.
The interruptions during the tour such as the visit to the Lok Museum or the walk on the treetop path were very nice and enriched the tour.
This tour will remain in very good memory.
Thanks to my fellow bikers and very special thanks to you, dear Kai for your great commitment.


High Tarta 07/2019

Our guide Kai did a great job, drove well and explained a lot of history. That was the all-round carefree package ! Highly recommended.


High Tatras Tour 07/2019

I went on the Tatra Tour 07/2019 and it was a great week.
The tour was great worked out and the breaks were set right also with sightseeing of local sights. Our guide Kai Spieske has chosen the speed very prudent and optimal with which we were actually almost always on schedule (if not just the Austrian Cycling Tour would have given us a detour of over 100 km). I can only highly recommend Kai as a guide, was really a great week.

High Tatras 07/2019

Hello and good day,
just returned from the trip High Tatras. Must get rid of something. Kai Spieske has squidet us, can only say, a bull's eye. Not only great roads and places, but the history to go with it. A guide who adapts to the fellow riders and not the other way around - keep it up!

KTM Adventure 06/2019

Hello, first greetings to Markus the boss, cook and tour guide. Got home safe and sound and "dry".
About the tours, the hotel and the KTM-Adventure in the standard version:
Markus had selected a wide range of different road and gravel routes in the great mountain landscape in the best summer weather.
It was very varied in terms of driving and I was always challenged but never overwhelmed.
The hotel is a real feel-good hotel with super hospitable staff and perfect service.
The food is really top.
Now the motorcycle:
a real eierlegende Wollmilchsau....
With the Avon Trailfinder tires on all roads a perfect vehicle to ride, controllable in any situation.
Offroad, the tires set limits and let the potential of the motorcycle only guessed.
Wind protection and ergonomics are good at 185 cm.
Offroad, the handlebars could be a little higher.

So an all-around fantastic tour at a fair price.


Friuli 06/2019

Hello Hermann . I just watched the DVD of our Friuli tour June 2019 and let the great impressions of our tour pass in review.
That was a great week in impressive scenery in a great accommodation.
Certainly not the last tour with you.


Newcomer 06/2019

Thanks to our guide Hermann for the nice two-day endouro tour, it was really fun.
Interesting information about the country and its people, beautiful routes, something for everyone and good driving tips.
The accommodation in St. Martin was great, breakfast super and the dinner in the restaurant next door tasted very good.
The lunch breaks on the route were also well chosen.
All around a successful weekend, which calls for repetition.


Newcomer Tour Danube Valley 06/2019

Hi. This was my first enduro offroad tour. Our tour guide Stefan could not have organized the tour better. You can feel how much time and passion this guy puts into his "hobby". The route, the accommodation, the lunch places and the rest stops in between were perfectly chosen. This was definitely not my last tour. I'll be back. Keep up the good work.


Newcomer Danube Valley 06/2019

Again a super tour in the wonderful area led by Stefan Hassler.
Again and again with pleasure!


Newcomer Donautal 06/2019

The NEWCOMER-TOUR DONAUTAL was my first tour of this kind and I am totally thrilled. The landscape is beautiful and there is something of everything and for every taste. The accommodation and hospitality was excellent. The tour guide Stefan led us professionally and adjusted to the group in all respects - high praise for that! Even my flat tire on the first day was no problem - the tour guide Stefan had a mobile workshop in his trailer and so the mishap was fixed in a quarter of an hour. Thanks again for that!Highly recommended, the next tour is already booked.

Bosnia 05/2019

This tour was something very special for me thanks to guide Franjo.
He knows the area like the back of his hand and leads you into beautiful lonely landscapes.
For all driving skills, he has the appropriate route ready, and is a real buddy.
The vacation apartment with him left nothing to be desired, also by the great breakfast service of his father Josef, really top!
... I will certainly come there again!
Have that connected with the Istrie tour, which I can recommend because of the driving distance ;-)

Istria for (camper/hotel) 05/2019

Dear Hermann, it was the 6th tour with you and it was again a very special experience! Istria with Hermann Reisen is always worth a trip! In this case even for the second time :-)! Istria has so much to offer and thanks to your decades of experience you manage perfectly to show us the diversity of this beautiful landscape in just a few days. It always amazes with what professionalism you choose the routes and know the area like the back of your hand! Thank you for your tireless efforts to offer us Enduro enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know the country and its people and to "experience" with the Enduro!


Istria (camper/hotel) 05/2019

Istria: beautiful, many beautiful area and the right guide, the boss himself with it!  The knows his stuff and shows us wonderful valleys, magnificent viewpoints, lonely paths!  A really good "start" to 2019 - looking forward to Friuli!


Istria 04/2019

Thank you Hermann, our tour was very interesting & beautiful!
Through your very very good local knowledge we should have come through beautiful areas that had everything ready for every driving fun.
Not to forget the good Einkehrschwünge, at noon or in the evening, paired with your information about the country and culture.
All together, the super DVD of our tour and our good team spirit, are for me 5 stars !!!!!
This was now my third tour with Guide Hermann and not the last :-)


Newcomer-Donautal 04/2019

Had again huge fun with great people while enduro hiking through the Danube Valley. The tour is suitable for beginners as well as repeat offenders. Big praise to our guide Stefan Hassler. He inspired us with his kind and his circumspection. This time we started right away on gravel and forest roads. For the very wild there were also a few detours into appropriate terrain who wanted. There were only relatively short connecting stages on roads in between. The accommodation was in the very well-kept modern equipped forest inn "St.Wolfgang" with good home-style dinner and delicious breakfast.

I will definitely do it again!

Newcomer Danube Valley 04/2019

positive impressions in great company I made at the Enduro hiking in the Danube Valley.  The 2-day tour included many gravel and forest roads as well as one or two off-road rides.
Our tour guide Stefan led the group with great passion and always had all riders safely in the overview.
I would also like to mention the hotel Waldgasthof "St. Wolfgang", where I spent the night in a modern room with good food.
CONCLUSION: Tour highly recommended, especially if you have not driven Enduro for a long time, or is a newcomer to the scene! Keep it up!


Newcomer Donautal 04/2019

The Newcomer Tour Donautal was once again a real highlight.
Stefan Hassler has led us here super and guided. With his competent and friendly manner, he has motivated us very much.
On changing routes and surfaces, everyone was able to test how his bike and the driver behaves best there. The group also harmonized very well and the evening was entertaining and over much too quickly.
The accommodation in St. Wolfgang was very good and the dinner delicious.

I can only recommend this tour.


Newcomer Donautal 04/2019

Thanks again for the super Enduro weekend with our guide Stefan Hassler! Amazing how much legal offroad routes there are in the Danube Valley.
Route and speed were optimally adapted to the wishes and skills of the participants, while we were also challenged. That's how it should be!
I am already looking forward to the collected photos and videos of our tour.
Many thanks also to the team of the Waldgasthof St. Wolfgang. Modern rooms, delicious breakfast, storage for the motorcycles and dinner together - everything was great!


Newcomer Donautal 04/2019

Yesterday / the day before yesterday I had participated in the "Newcomer-Donautal-Tour". That was absolutely brilliant! Stefan Hassler (tour guide) sprayed the whole time an incredible joy and led us professionally and skillfully over off-road routes that I would not have suspected so in Germany. And for "experienced" participants there were optional/supplementary very challenging passages. This was my first tour with "Hermann's" and if the other tours are even half as good in terms of organization/variety/fun, then one can only congratulate the team! Thanks for everything!!

Season 2016

Danube Valley 06/2016

Hermann treated me/us like friends, not like paying tourists. He joined us on Saturday evening, that was great.

Season 2014

Czech Republic 09/2014

The tour was more demanding than expected for flatland riders: Category 2 would probably be appropriate. Otherwise, a very well executed trip by the tour guide - one always had the feeling of a at the same time very personal, but yet organizationally well controlled care.


Altmühltal 07/2014

The Altmühltal tour was my first enduro tour with you. Was very satisfied, would not know what you could improve.

A big praise to Hermann.


Taster course offroad 05/2014

So that was a really great training and even if I have not dared a few things, the experience gained there is worth a lot.

Thank you very much! :o)


Poland 05/14

On this tour, except for the weather, everything worked out (tour/tour guide/landscape/group/food) that was a stroke of luck!

Congratulations to this tour guide! One of the best I have met on my many tours!

Season 2013

Hello Hermann,

your Altmühl valley tours 2004 and 2005 and Czech Republic 2007 were so great that we want to do a tour with you again after a 6-year interruption. ... We are looking forward to seeing you again.


Altmühl Valley 07/2013

"Hello Hermann,

I would like to thank you for the great tour in the Altmühltal. It was very challenging for me (as a beginner), but thanks to your good tips, I have mastered almost everything. After 25 years of motorcycle break, this was a great introduction to the Enduro world for me.