Customer testimonials

Namibia "The dream of all Africa travellers" 13.03. - 26.03.2012 

"Hi Werner,

just wanted to thank you again for those amazing 2 weeks. When I booked the tour over the internet I had already expected a great Namibia experience, but the kindness and all those great people blew me away. That gave me a lot of strength for my everyday life. Regards to all those in Namibia who know me!"

Driver training and tour in 2011

"Hi Hermann,

thanks for sending the photo CD of the training in Burgheim with you so swiftly. There are some great snapshots on there! I see that I still have to work on my riding technique... but it was definitely great fun! I wish you many more accident-free kilometres ...

Istria I "Enduro touring in stunning surroundings" in 2011

"I'm going on tour with Hermann for 15 years and it was once again a brilliant tour!"

Northern Thailand "A Dragons Tale" 07.03. - 13.03.2010

"I liked the excellent support and getting to know the country off the beaten track..."

First tour Danube Valley in 2011

"Hi Hermann and hi to the team behind you!

I wanted to thank you for the photo CD and the two amazing days. The pictures make me want to come back for more, especially Friuli and Croatia. On the first pics of Friuli all I can see is bikers lying on the ground. First Obelix would need to clean up the landscape from all the boulders before I could give it a go. But I will practice a bit and I'm sure we'll meet again...

First tour Danube Valley in June 2012

"Thank you once again for everything! Those were really amazing days and I have learned a lot. The only downside is that since that tour I am hopelessly infected by the enduro bug.

Hermann, to you and your team all the best; make sure you get back safely from all your tours and keep going! Sunny greetings from the Wittgenstein region and hope to see you soon again."  

"Hi Hermann,

your tours through the Altmühl Valley in 2004 and 2005 and through the Czech Republic in 2007 were so great that Katja and I want to go on tour again with you after a 6 years break. ... We look forward to see you again

Beginner's course off-road 22./23.05.2014

This was a really great training, and even if I wasn't brave enough to try some things, the experiences I made are very valuable.

Thanks so much! :o)

Altmühl Valley Tour 07/2013

"Hi Hermann,

Thanks a lot for the great tour through the Altmühl Valley. For me (as a beginner) it was very challenging, but thanks to your excellent tips I managed to get through virtually everything. After a 25 year long break from motorcycling, this was a great entry into the off-road world.

Altmühl Valley Tour 07/2014

The Altmühl Valley Tour was my first enduro tour with you guys. I was very happy, can't think about a thing that could be any better.

A big compliment to Hermann.

Poland Tour 05/14

This tour was – apart from the weather – perfect (tour/tour guide/landscape/group/food); I consider myself very fortunate!


Congratulations to this tour guide! One of the best I have ever met during my many tours!

Czech Republic Tour 09/2014

For riders who are used to flat landscapes, this tour was more challenging than expected: category 2 would probably be appropriate. Apart from that, a tour that was very well done by the tour guide – I always had the feeling of a very personal support but still highly professional organisation.

Friuli Tour 06/2015

Keep going the way you do. It was an excellent tour with a pleasant level of physical challenge. All in a stunning landscape and excellent hotel where one dinner was better than the next one, quite a gourmet experience. And on top of everything a great and entertaining Hermann. What could be possibly be any better with this setup.

Czech Republic Tour 05/2015??

The DVD was a great added feature, I liked it a lot and that's something you can show to your friends.

Danube Valley Newcomer Tour 06/2016

Hermann treated me/us like friends, not like paying tourists. He joined us on Saturday evening, that was great.