Travel enduro tour

Sand - that is the keyword for this tour. On mostly sandy ground, but also on public forest paths, gravel tracks and small asphalted roads, our tour leads through the beautiful forest and heath landscape of Brandenburg. On three extended day tours we enjoy wonderful, untouched landscapes ...

Duration: 4 days

Period: September 2022


Desert feeling in the middle of Germany


Typical for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the terminal moraine landscape of the last ice age. Join us on three extended day tours on many sandy and gravel roads to explore this beautiful spot.

Duration: 4 days

Period: September 2022

Donau-Altmühltal-Tour (Motorhome/Hotel)

Our Danube-Altmühltal Tour offers the greatest possble riding fun with the Enduro, leading to the most beautiful places in the Altmühl-Danube region. of course, in addtion to patricipating with your own motorhome, you can also stay overnight in a hotel (at your own expense).

The landscape here offers nearly everything: Forests, mountains,valleys - eveything that makes the Enduro heart beat faster.

Duration 4 days

Period: April / May / June / July 2022

Altmühl Valley


Right in the geographical centre of Bavaria, perched on a 120m high steep outcrop, is our base hotel Arnsberg Castle.

In older times used as the hunting and summer residence of the bishops of Eichstätt, today the castle is an extraordinary hotel with amazing views over the Altmühl Valley.

Duration: 4 days

Period: July 2022