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Simply pick a tour from our diverse program of tell us about your personal preferences and ideas. Depending on the occasion and requirements, we will organise a customised motorbike tour tailored to your needs.

Your group prefers to stay among themselves? It will be a pleasure to schedule a customised trip according to your requirements. Of course, we will make you a special price proposal, depending on the size of the group – the larger the group the lower the price!

Brainstorm your ideas with us. We will gladly provide you with advice and put together your very personal adventure tour.

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Incentive trips

Incentive trips are a unique way to say Thank You, for example for the long-standing loyalty of your customers or the dedication of your committed employees. Jointly experiencing an adventurous motorbike tour, having fun together while riding through stunning landscapes and sitting around the dinner table exchanging your experiences of the day – all that brings motorbike lovers, partners, customers or employees together in a fun way.

Gift voucher!

Or would you like to give away an interesting motorbike tour of the recipient's free choice? 

We give you the opportunity to surprise your friends, family members or partners with a travel voucher at the value of your choice. The recipient will be able to redeem his or her voucher for any of our guided tours according to his or her interest.