We have again added some exciting new tours to our range. Here is an overview of all new tours.

Neu: Big-Enduro-Alpe-Adria-Tour

Zeitraum: Mai / Juni / September / Oktober 2020


North - South tour of the Sultanate of Oman

Dhofar - Rub al-Khali - Rimal Al Wahiba - 6 days offroad

We would like to invite all "desert" riders for our Enduro tour. We have a Yamaha WR 450 available for the tour. All you need is your driving gear and a sleeping bag. We fly from Munich together with Oman Air to Muskat in Oman

Duration: 10 days

Date: Period of February 2019



Travel-Enduro Tour: The wild beauty in the middle of Europe

Potholed paths, adventurous mountain ranges, wild Carpathians, the highest passes in the country, impressive culture and friendly people.


Duration: 10 days

Period: August 2020

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Enduro in Bosnia is a newfound attraction, our diverse forests attract many Enduro enthusiasts. We have the opportunity in one place to see the Rocky Mountains, a variety of forest trails, sand, mud or grass. It is a unique experience to feel and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

8 days

Dates: April/Mai/June/July/August/September/October 2020

Istrien also for motorhome travelers

Nach dem erfolgreichen Start der Donau-Altmühltal-Tour Wohnmobil, habe ich mir gedacht, dass bestimmt auch unsere Istrien Tour interessant für Wohnmobilreisende sein könnte. Selbstverständlich kann man an der Tour auch ohne Wohnmobil teilnehmen, wir haben für diesen Fall ein 4 Sterne Hotel direkt neben dem Campingplatz vorgesehen.

Dauer: 7 Tage

Zeitraum: September 2019 / April / Mai / Juni /September / Oktober 2020

French West Alps

Tours and enjoy like God in FranceThe French Alps offer everything a motorcyclist's heart can beat: the highest passports in Europe, endless curves, giant views, magnificent landscapes, friendly hosts and excellent food and drinks.


Duration: days




Lakes, fairies, sacred hills - a journey through the heart of the green island in the Atlantic

A round trip along the winding coastal roads and Ireland's pastures, bypassing mystic places that take us back to the country's history, is the core of this tour. Starting in the south-east of the country and a stop in Dublin, it crosses the Landesinnere to the west coast with its wild-romantic lakes and spectacular cliffs.


Duration: 12 days


Period: August 2018


Kyrgyzstan - Terra Incognita for most of foreign tourists - is a small montainous Country in Central Asia with pristine natural landscapes and nomadic Lifestyle waiting to be discovered by real adventure Lovers and thrill-seekers.


Duration: 6 days


Period: June/July/August/September 2018


Piedmont: Dream tour over old military paths in high alpine terrain

An unforgettable off-road experience on remote tracks in beautiful, lonely nature.

Duration: 6 days

Period: July 2020


In the nine days in Sardinia, one thing is clearly in the foreground - a fun ride through the corners that make the motorbike heart beat faster. The route of the tour is characterized by enchanting nature, whether along the coasts or in the mountains.


Duration: 11 days


Period: May 2018

Northern - Thailand - Explorer 13 days guided Big-Enduro-Tour

10 Days of Excitement from Thailand to Cambodia

Enjoy Cambodia's beguiling charm - even more after the Country recovered from ist dark past.

Duration: 10 days

Period: February/March 2018

Northern Thailand, Laos & Vietnam 15 days guided tour

3 Countries - 1 Million Impressions

We start this exotic tour from Chiang Mai to the Mekong River where we cross into Laos and further to Northern Vietnam. We explore the spectacular region of Sapa and see the enormous rice terraces on the way to Nghia Lo. Some of the most spectacular riding you can imagine. We continue to Ninh Binh to explore some of the giant caves.

Duration: 15 days

Period: September/Oktober 2019