We have again added some exciting new tours to our range. Here is an overview of all new tours.


Bavaria Tour

Bavarian Forest - Altmühl Valley

"On the trail of the Romans and other Bavarian primeval rocks".


Join us on a tour through some of the most beautiful parts of Bavaria and enjoy a varied mix of well-kept curves and scenery, as well as a wide range of small and large sights directly along the route. We ride through the hilly landscape of the Bavarian Forest to the glassblowers and past the Walhalla. The Altmühl Valley and the Danube await us with dreamlike landscapes, such as the Danube breakthrough, and world-class sights, such as the Asam Church in Weltenburg Abbey or the Mayor Müller Museum in Solnhofen. Again and again we will come across traces of the Romans: Remains of the Limes and associated forts and watchtowers or the thermal baths and Roman Museum in Weissenburg. We will travel to the Ries crater and be able to trace its formation in an impressive way in Nördlingen. Due to the wide range of sightseeing options, the different interests and the physical condition within the group, we will make a daily arrangement in advance about our sightseeing destinations.


Period: May / June 2021



Guided tour from the picturesque Alpine foothills, through the Feldberntauern tunnel, over the Kreuzberg pass to Sappada and directly to Novafeltria. Individually tailored day tours in the Emilia-Romagna region and the Montefeltro region. Day tours in different regions such as Tuscany, Marche. We explore the northwestern Appennin Central, San Marino, the Adriatic coast and many more ...

Duration: 8 days

Period: May / July / September 2020



Pearls of the East

Kombi-Angebot für alle 3 Etappen

Perlen des Ostens - Etappe 1 Harz

Perlen des Ostens - Etappe 2 Thüringer Wald

Perlen des Ostens - Etappe 3 Erzgebirge

Pearls of the East - Harz

Für die meisten ist das Harz ein eher unbekanntes Fleckchen in Deutschland. Begleite uns auf drei ausgedehnten Tagestouren auf meist einsamen Landstraßen, von dichten Nadelwäldern umsäumte kurvenreiche Straßen von einem Highlight zum nächsten.

Dauer: 4 Tage

Zeitraum: September 2021

Pearls of the East - Second Stage

Der Thüringer Wald liegt etwa in der Mitte Deutschland. Auf drei ausgedehnten Tagestouren erkunden wir kreuz und quer ein Labyrinth durch das beeindruckende Mittelgebirge.

Dauer: 4 Tage

Zeitraum: September 2021

Pearls of the East - Erzgebirge

Das Erzgebirge gilt als eines der schönsten europäischen Mittelgebirge. Dieses bietet weit mehr als abwechslungsreiche Landschaften.

Dauer: 4 Tage

Zeitraum: September 2021



Sand - das ist das Stichwort für diese Tour. Auf meist sandigem Untergrund, aber auch auf Waldwegen, Schotterpisten und kleinen asphaltierten Sträßchen führt unsere Tour durch die wunderschöne Wald - und Heidelandschaft Brandenburgs. Auf drei ausgedehnten Tagestouren genießen wir herrlich, unberührte Landschaften ...

Dauer: 4 Tage

Zeitraum: Mai / Juli 2021


Wüstenfeeling mitten in Deutschland


Typisch für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ist die Endmoränenlandschaft der letzten Eiszeit. Begleite uns auf drei ausgedehnten Tagestouren auf vielen Sand- und Schotterpisten um dieses wunderschöne Fleckchen Erde zu erkunden.

Dauer: 4 Tage

Zeitraum: Mai / Juli 2021

Oman 2

Rub al-Khali - the largest sandy desert on earth

Discover with us an indescribably fascinating desert landscape and experience an unforgettable driving and nature experience.

Duration: 8 days

Period: February 2021


Oman 1 + 2

Explore a fascinating north-south tour of the Oman from Dhofar - Rub al-Khali - Rimal Al Wahiba - 6 days off-road and get to know the largest sandy desert on earth (Rub al-Khali). Discover an indescribable desert landscape with us and experience an unforgettable driving and nature experience.

Duration: 18 days

Period: February / March 2021




Breathtaking tour to the heart of Masuria

Guided tour through the "green lung of Poland" with almost untouched nature. Join us on a journey through the unique Bialowieza jungle and get to know Masuria and Pomerania in the Kuyavian Pomeranian Voivodeship (Polish administrative district) with its countless lakes and huge forests. We explore Torun (city of Copernicus whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Dzialdowo (city in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), Krutynia (one of the most popular kayaking trails in Poland) and much more ...

Duration: 10 days

Period: July 2020