Big-Enduro-Tour Bavaria (Motorhome/Hotel)


People keep asking me for a pure travel enduro tour, as the challenges for rider and material are very different compared to a sport enduro.

Duration: 2 days

Dates: May 2022

Danube Valley Newcomer Tour (Motorhome/Hotel)


Even the best training doesn't help if you can't practice your newly learned skills.

With the Newcomer Tour we primarely adress "newcomers" of enduro riding. Here you will learn how to handle the most diverse ground types such as clay and sandy soils...

Duration: 2 days

Dates: April 2022


Donau-Altmühltal-Tour (Motorhome/Hotel)

Our Danube-Altmühltal Tour offers the greatest possble riding fun with the Enduro, leading to the most beautiful places in the Altmühl-Danube region. of course, in addtion to patricipating with your own motorhome, you can also stay overnight in a hotel (at your own expense).

The landscape here offers nearly everything: Forests, mountains,valleys - eveything that makes the Enduro heart beat faster.

Duration 4 days

Period: April / May / June / July 2022

Altmühl Valley


Right in the geographical centre of Bavaria, perched on a 120m high steep outcrop, is our base hotel Arnsberg Castle.

In older times used as the hunting and summer residence of the bishops of Eichstätt, today the castle is an extraordinary hotel with amazing views over the Altmühl Valley.

Duration: 4 days

Period: July 2022


Our motorbike tour leads trough forests trails, sand, mud,mountains and meadowas attract many Enduro enthusiasts. We have the opportunity in one place to see the Rocky Mountains, a variety of forest trails, sand, mud or grass and leaves you with a unique Enduro experienence.

Depending on the riding skills of the group, the routes are selected in this way that everyone gets his money's worth.

8 days

Dates: April / May / June / July / August / September / October 2022



What could be better than riding an Enduro in this gigantic mountain scenery? Uphill and downhill, the tracks and trails wind through the breathtaking panorama. The scenic enjoyment is complemented by the immense driving pleasure we feel. Here we can do with our enduros what they are built for - combine and experience nature and sporty riding in a unique way.

Duration: 7 days

Period: June / September 2022



Piedmont: Dream tour along old military trails in high alpine terrain

An unforgettable off-road experience on remote tracks in gorgeous, lonely nature.

Duration: 6 days

Period: September 2022

Snowmobile – snow power – great winter fun


Ploughing through the snow on a snowmobile is a unique experience! Join us on this

great tour and try something new. First we will introduce you to the equipment. Snowmobiles have very forgiving riding characteristics and can be controlled easily.

Duration: 4 days

Period: January / February 2022

Istrien also for motorhome travelers

After the successful start of the Danube-Altmühltal Tour Motorhome, I thought that our Istria Tour might also be interesting for motorhome travellers. Of course, you can also participate in the tour without a motorhome; in this case, we have provided a 4-star hotel right next to the campsite.

Duration: 7 days

Period: Mai / June / September 2022

Best of Russia

Guided motorbike tours to the northern regions of Russia - from Moscow, St. Petersburg to Karelia

Duration: 14 Days

Period: June / July / August 2022

Best of Siberia

Guided motorbike tour in the heart of Siberia

Period: June / July / August 2022

Moscow - Wladiwostok

Guided motorbike tour from Moscow to Vladivostok

Period: June / July / August 2022


Kyrgyzstan - an unknown territory for most foreign tourists - is a small montainous country in Central Asia with untouched natural landscapes waiting to be discovered by real adventure lovers and thrill seekers.

Duration: 7 days

Period: Date on request


Through an unforgettable adventure with the rental enduro!

The guided, full-day motorbike tours on enduros are for beginners and / or advanced riders and take place for five days on selected routes.

Duration: 8 days

Period: October 2021 / April, May, June, September, October 2022


Dive into the mystic charm of Northern Africa

Those who want to experience history up close will discover many traces of the ancient Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. Also most impressive are the diverse landscapes. The little developed north is known for its jagged cliff coasts, romantic sandy coves and the densely forested Kroumir mountain region. Our way continues far down into the south, past the Table de Jugutha, a mountain plateau that was once used by robbers as a base for their raids.

Duration: days

Period: October 2021 / October 2022

Tunisia I - Adventure and ancient mysteries for the adventurous enduro rider


This tour in Northern Africa is a trip full of legend and magic. Those who want to experience history up close will discover many traces of the ancient Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. Most impressive are the diverse landscapes.

Duration: 13 days

Period: October 2021 / October 2022

Tunisia II - Even more adventure, more sporting action!


For this tour we have selected an even larger share of off-road sections. Riding along rocky tracks, our way will lead us into Berber territory all the way into the great "sand box", the mighty Sahara.

Duration: 13 days

Period: Date on request 2021 / October 2022

Namibia I - Warning, risk of addiction! Namibia Sensational Tour



This tour will introduce you to Namibia's magnificent beauty and make you fall in love with this unique country. Beware: High risk of addiction! You can also take your partner along who can join in our 4x4!

Duration: 13 days

Dates for 2022 will follow soon

Namibia II - 950km of Africa and pristine sand dunes!


7 days, 6 nights: Windhoek - Swakopmund - Namib Desert - Khan Rivier - Spitzkoppe - Windhoek

Off-road "dune riding training" in the world's highest sand dunes with yet another off-road highlight: Khan Rivier!

Share this experience with a partner who can join us in our 4x4!

Duration: 7 days

Period: October 2021 / Dates for 2022 will follow soon

BMW-GS-Tour Kenia

Far removed from traditional safaris, there is a new way of discovering East Africa by going on a motorbike safari through the region's spectacular landscapes.

Duration: 11 days

Period: January / February / September / October 2022


Dominican Republic

Enduro adrenalin experience in the Caribbean

100% off-road fun for true endure fans

7 days / 6 nights: Santo Domingo, Miches, Tres Vereras, La Cuaba, La Cuchilla and much more. 100% off-road with all the ingredients that will accelerate the heartbeat of any enduro enthusiast. Mountains and descents, river crossings, beach rides, jungle and palm trees – here you can truly enjoy boundless motorbike freedom.

Duration: 7 days


Incentive trips

Simply pick a tour from our diverse program of tell us about your personal preferences and ideas. Depending on the occasion and requirements, we will organise a customised motorbike tour tailored to your needs.

Northern Thailand - Explorer

13-day northern Thailand round trip with the BMW GS (700/800/1200) through the land of Lan Na.

Breathtaking landscapes off the beaten track with a successful mix of culture and nature.

Road tour with off-road part

Duration: 13 days

Period: April 2022


Lakes, fairies, sacred hills - a journey through the heart of the green island in the Atlantic

A round trip along the winding coastal roads and Ireland's pastures, bypassing mystic places that take us back to the country's history, is the core of this tour. Starting in the south-east of the country and a stop in Dublin, it crosses the Landesinnere to the west coast with its wild-romantic lakes and spectacular cliffs.


Duration: 12 days


Period: On request for groups of 4 people or more


Wonderful roads as far as the eye can see and bends, bends, bends!

We start our tour in the German Allgäu region departing from the lovely town of Nesselwang. On day 1 we cross the Alps and arrive at our base hotel in Lombardy.

Duration: 8 days

Period: September 2022


Guided tour from the picturesque Alpine foothills, through the Feldberntauern tunnel, over the Kreuzberg pass to Sappada and directly to Novafeltria. Individually tailored day tours in the Emilia-Romagna region and the Montefeltro region. Day tours in different regions such as Tuscany, Marche. We explore the northwestern Appennin Central, San Marino, the Adriatic coast and many more ...

Duration: 8 days

Period: May 2022




Cruising across the "eighth continent"

Already the first steps on the island make you realise that Sicily is different from the rest of Italy. It is more colourful and striking and characterised by the cultures of the numerous peoples who have left their mark throughout the long history of the island. As a result you feel like on a unique little continent. This is what makes Sicily particularly rewarding when discovering the island on a motorbike.

Duration: 8 days

Period: Any time



Travel-Enduro Tour: The wild beauty in the middle of Europe

Potholed paths, adventurous mountain ranges, wild Carpathians, the highest passes in the country, impressive culture and friendly people.


Duration: 10 days

Period: June 2022

Slovenia - Istria

For experienced riders: narrow turns and hairpin bends

Already the journey getting to Slovenia through Austria from the Millstätter Lake into the lower Drava Valley, via the Villach Alps to the Wurzen Pass crossing into Slovenia is breathtaking. Our journey takes us via Kranjska Gora, the Vrsic Saddle, a part of the Julian Alps into the Triglav National Park with a view onto Triglav Mountain. With 2864 m it is the highest mountain in Slovenia. According to old legends its three heads guard the heaven, earth and underworld.

Duration: 8 days

Period: September 2022

10 days in Northern Thailand

10 Days Tour Amazing Land of Lanna

his comprehensive tour through Northern Thailand gives you a great insight of the land of the Lanna Kingdom - Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields

Duration: 10 days

Period: December 2021 / December 2022

Northern Thailand, Laos & Vietnam 16 days guided tour

3 Countries - 1 Million Impressions

We start this exotic tour from Chiang Mai to the Mekong River where we cross into Laos and further to Northern Vietnam. We explore the spectacular region of Sapa and see the enormous rice terraces on the way to Nghia Lo. Some of the most spectacular riding you can imagine. We continue to Ninh Binh to explore some of the giant caves.

Duration: 15 days

Period: October 2022

Northern - Thailand - Explorer 13 days guided Big-Enduro-Tour

10 Days of Excitement from Thailand to Cambodia

Enjoy Cambodia's beguiling charm - even more after the Country recovered from ist dark past.

Duration: 10 days

Period: April 2022

8 days Northern Thailand Self Guided Tour

10 days Northern Thailand - Self Guided Tour

If you prefer to explore Northern Thailand on your own or with your friends at your desired date, the Self Guided Tour is just the thing. We organize - you drive.

Duration: 10 days

Period: possible at any time on request

11 days in North Thailand Self Guided Tour

13 days Northern Thailand - Self Guided Tour

If you prefer to explore Northern Thailand on your own or with your friends at your desired date, the Self Guided Tour is just the thing. We organize - you drive.

Duration: 13 days

Period: possible at any time on request


Breathtaking tour to the heart of Masuria

Guided tour through the "green lung of Poland" with almost untouched nature. Join us on a journey through the unique Bialowieza jungle and get to know Masuria and Pomerania in the Kuyavian Pomeranian Voivodeship (Polish administrative district) with its countless lakes and huge forests. We explore Torun (city of Copernicus whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Dzialdowo (city in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship), Krutynia (one of the most popular kayaking trails in Poland) and much more ...

Duration: 10 days

Period: August 2022