Czech Republic - The Giant Mountains (Krkonoše), a mountain region like no other: lots of bends, culture and stunning landscapes

A cultural journey of discovery through marvellous landscapes

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in the Czech Republic is the Giant Mountains range (Krkonoše) Wonderful routes characterised by curvy roads and hairpin bends make this 7-day trip an absolute dream for every motorcyclist. We meet at the German town of Bärenstein, a few hundred metres away from the Czech border. Via Most, Decin and Liberec we arrive at our B&B in Tanvald. Your motorbikes are securely parked in the garage.

From there we make day trips to the well-known ski resorts of Harrachov, Špindler?v Mlýn and other places of interest, such as the Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav. Since the Giant Mountains are equally interesting on the Polish side, we take short trips to the other side of the border. During the day tours we keep seeing the most famous of all inhabitants of the region on advertising signs or house walls: Rübezahl, also known as Krakonoš or Liczyrzepa. This folklore mountain spirit is the subject of many legends and fairy tales in German and Czech folklore.

One of the highlights of this tour is a visit to a biker cave, ideal for bikers who are not keen on walking – here they can ride up right to the bar counter or explore the cave on their bike. Other day tours take us to a giant barrel housing an entire restaurant. The brave-hearted can get a kick abseiling down the Elbe dam wall against a small fee. Those who are more culturally-minded can visit one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Heinice.

After the tours through the forest and curvy roads we can unwind at the outdoor facilities of our B&B enjoying the Czech beer. All in all this tour is a great experience not to be missed.

Road tour
Level of difficulty
Tour information

Dates for 2022 will follow soon

Approx. 1,100 km

Route profile:
Good to acceptable roads, wide turns, hairpin bends, tarmac

EUR 950 for driver
EUR 750 for passenger
EUR 120 single room surcharge


  • 6 nights at good, typical local B&Bs (2 changes)
  • Breakfast and dinner (4 x 3-course and 2 x 2-course menu)
  • English-speaking tour guide

Not included:
Fuel, meals/snacks during the day, drinks, entrance fees

Bärenstein in the Erzgebirge (Germany)



Harald Warneke