The small continent in the Mediterranean Sea

Ichnusa, the shoe sole, or the small continent...
...various nicknames, all of which are characteristic of the island of Sardinia. I prefer the latter because it makes clear what is on our partly extremely curvy and quite challenging course to discover. A little, perhaps on the tops, snowy mountains, green wooded middle mountains, a portion of Caribbean dream beaches, a pinch of Sahara and a corner moon landscape. All this and much more, packed in thousands of curves awaits us.

In the nine days in Sardinia, one thing is clearly in the foreground - a fun ride through the corners that make the motorbike heart beat faster. On this trip, we experience old and new, typical Sardinian culture in the form of the ubiquitous signs of the history of this country. The route of the tour is characterized by enchanting nature, whether along the coasts or in the mountains. There is also a varied accompanying program, which includes sightseeing and bathing facilities.

Anyone who has been to Sardinia is guaranteed to return - this is due both to the fascination that this country radiates, and to the impressive landscapes of mountain regions and coastal landscapes. On this tour the starting point and end point is the port city of Olbia. From here, the route leads in a circular course through all the scenic landscapes and regions of the second largest island of the Mediterranean. Tourists and curators will get their money's worth on the tours through the southern Barbagia, for example on the route from Lanusei to Orosei. A lot of driving ability are required by the passes in the Gennargentu from Fonni to Seui. On the contrary, all sorts of diversity are offered by the breathtaking, windy coastal road from Alghero to Bosa, and the no less fascinating mountain range over Villanova Monteleone. In narrow turns through endless cork oak forests, on the other hand, is about Tempio Pausania, in the heart of Gallura, as well as south of Olbia.
One of the most beautiful routes in the south-west of the island, which you will remember for a long time, leads along the Costa Verde and later from Guspini to Iglesias.

Road tour
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Dates for 2022 will follow soon

approx. 2.300 km

Route profil:
Paved and partly narrow roads, a lot of twists and turns

EUR 1.423,- for driver
EUR 1.360,- for passenger
EUR    150,- single room surcharge

8 nights in typical local cosy hotels (5 hotel changes)
7x Dinner
German Tourguide

Extra cost:
2 nights on the ferry boat to Sardinia (booked by us): in 2 beds cabin and motorbike approx. EUR 300 per person plus fuel surcharge (price subject to full cabin occupation and day price depending on date of Booking

Not included:
Fuel, meals/snacks during the day, drinks, entrance fees

Harald Warneke