Endless curves in Land of Lanna

Self Guided Tour 10 Days in Northern Thailand  "We arrange -You ride"

This comprehensive tour through Northern Thailand gives you a great insight of the land of the Lanna Kingdom- the "Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields". After setting off from Chiang Mai, we will ride the winding road up to DoiInthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, where it is usually very cool. We visit theLong Neck Women of Kayan, famous for wearing brass rings around their necks, and ride up to the the border of Myanmar to visit in Ban Rak Thai a Chinese community who settled here. Along the way we ride all of the1,864 curves from Mae Hong Sonto Mae Taeng, a route becoming legendary amongst motorcyclists, and you can buy the T-shirt to prove it ! We will explore the region taking mainly small rural roads, which are not so well known. Along the way we visit some of the lesser known treasures like misty Mae Hong Son with its charming lakeside Burmese temple, mysterious Nan,which for centuries remained autonomous and cut off from the outside world as well as the unique village of Bo Klueawith it's salt wells. We will also go to rather more famous or infamous places like the Golden Triangle, where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet and where in previous decades the opium poppy provided a living to many people until it was stopped after the death of Khun San, a legendary drug lord. We will visit the small laid back city of Chiang Rai, home to the stunning artwork of the Temple known as Wat Rong Khun inlaid with thousands of pieces of mirror. The riding on this tour is exhilarating with plenty of mountains and thousands of bends throughout the trip but we also hope that this tour will give you a closer insight in local cultures and traditions and -of course- the delicious local cuisine.









Road tour
Level of difficulty
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Approx. 1,730 km

Route profile:
The route is quite curvy, mostly being long turns and not hairpin bends. The roads are virtually all paved and usually not challenging. There are some steep sections and some technically more challenging parts. You should have adequate riding experience and be able to safely control the motorbike. You will cover between 150 and 300 km per day, giving you enough time for relaxing, eating and sightseeing.


EUR 1.986 per driver in a half double room (sharing with another participant)
EUR    490 per passenger in a half double room
EUR    399 single room surcharge

EUR 2.057 per driver in a half double room (sharing with another participant
EUR    490 per passenger in a half double room
EUR    399 single room surcharge

BMW R1200 GS
EUR 2.341 per driver in a single room (sharing with another participant
EUR    490 per couple in a double room 
EUR    399 single room surcharge

•Transfer from the airport in Chiang Mai to the hotel and back.
•9 nights in good, comfortable hotels or Resorts in double rooms.
•Daily breakfast.
•Motorbike rental with a max. of 155 miles per driving day.
•Fully comprehensive insurance for the motorbike with USD 1,500 excess.
•GPS with programmed travel route with all waypoints
•Detailed itinerary showing all the elevation points on the route
•Information leaflet (driving and safety/security tips, route details, hotel details and highlights)

Not included:
Flight, drinks, meals, visa fees, personal expenses, fuel, helmet, jacket and gloves (can be rented for a fee)

Meeting point and departure:
Chiang Mai

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